The year ahead: Fire Rooster


Japanese Art. Fine Art Reproduction. Rooster, Sunflowers and Morning Glories, c. 1759 by Ito Jakuchu. Via Etsy


Chinese New Year is coming up January 28th, and after such a dramatic, impulsive, shocking, never-ending hangover of a year that was the Fire Monkey, I think everyone on the planet can agree we are ready for a mega-shift in energies.

Narrye Caldwell, a very special teacher and mentor of mine is a pole star astrologer, acupuncturist, shaman and classical feng shui practitioner. She embodies the living arts and practices of Chinese culture. The following paragraphs are excerpts from her article Year of the Fire Rooster.

All Chinese wisdom traditions, including medicine, divination, astrology, and feng shui, are systems of pattern identification that guide us in adapting gracefully to change. A world in flux is assumed; it is the one constant feature of life. Astrology is best viewed as a tool to discern where we are in the shifting cycles of time so we can adjust our expectations accordingly and therefore, from the Chinese point of view, cultivate longevity by not wasting our qi trying to swim against the current.”

“Last year’s current schooled us all in crisis management as the Fire Monkey’s erratic impulsiveness and dramatic flare produced an unprecedented bit of theater in American politics.”

Fire Rooster Application:  “How to Walk Your Talk and Follow Through”

“In the Chinese zodiac the Rooster is the tenth of the 12 animals. It is associated with the Metal element which correlates to the time in autumn when qi condenses and the life force turns inward, right before sinking into the stillness of winter. So Metal expresses the essence of a thing with perfect clarity. Think of a tree in autumn, stripped of its foliage, its true shape so cleanly visible. People born in the year of the Rooster tend to be focused, task oriented, ambitious, confident, and very clear. This latter quality is what gives Rooster people their reputation for being abrupt and tactless. But it’s a mistake to consider them rude. Rather, Roosters just see things clearly and are decisive in their assessments. They are what we might call “plain speaking.” They also can be incorrigible critics, lacking the patience required to wait for others to come around to the clarity which comes so readily to them.”

“When you couple these qualities with the Fire element, you have an interesting potential for drama. Fire is erratic, intense, passionate, expressive, and dynamic. Fire embodies the warrior archetype. Fire Roosters tend to be brave, powerful, unyielding, opinionated, and determined.”

“That brings us to the possibilities for 2017. This year’s theme is “application.” The Rooster has one special super power—

the ability to delay gratification and focus on the long term goal. Roosters can actually separate the reward from the work required to get it, and they can do this over long periods of time….like years.

So whatever feelings you may have about the upheaval created in the Monkey year, the qi will now support you to focus and apply yourself to the task at hand with discipline and diligence. Set aside your emotions and focus on long term goals. Stay focused. That’s right, see beyond the current situation and keep your eye on whatever it is that you value in the long run; just keep chipping away without wavering. Apply yourself. That’s what this year is all about.”


You can read the entire article here, and what the year ahead has in store for your particular birth animal.

And if you liked the Japanese art, check out this etsy.

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