Summer Specials: Fire Element Acupuncture + Qi Gong

Summer Solstice is approaching! We are enjoying the longest days of the year, and here in Santa Cruz, the warmest days are yet to come. Summer is the fire season. Plants, animals and weather are in full-on yang. This means rapid growth, expression and activity. Our internal qi dynamic will mimic that of our external environment, but sometimes, we need a little extra push. That’s why I felt compelled to create a seasonal treatment series.

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Have you ever noticed that the elderly tend to die in May and June? Both my grandmothers passed in May/June, the season which approaches full-yang. I find this concept fascinating. The reason for this is simple. As nature builds yang– vigorous, active, transformative qi– the internal qi dynamic of an elderly or ill person is unable to match the fire season. There is no yang to give towards this expression. And thus, the inevitable happens.

Complementary to the full-yin of winter, water season, when we feel an inclination to be sheltered, quiet, restorative, introverted and introspective, summer fire brings us outdoors, outgoing, extroverted, expressive, vigorous, and active. We could not exist in an endless summer, because once our innate yang becomes diminished from long-term use, innate yin begins to grow and become predominant, concealing yang. This is how we restore and rebuild for summertime. However, Throughout the summer months, it is practical to nourish yang fire as we consume it. As a society, we are driven by yang qi. Working endlessly, sleep deprivation, caffeination, stimulation, and all-nighters are glorified in the professional, academic, and social spheres, so it makes sense that deep down we need help nourishing yang fire, preventing over-consumption and depletion in the summer months.



Summer Sun-day Qi Gong in the Park

Join us in a group Qi Gong class, every Sunday at 11am in the Schwann Lake park. Meet at the Simpkins Swim Center entrance. We will walk together to one of the open fields for 1 hour our practice. Drop in for $20 or pay $15 in advance on my scheduling page 


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