Featured Product: Quicksilver CBD Oil

Good News! I have added an additional CBD oil to the apothecary. Many of you know that I carry Prime My Body’s Hemp oil and love the results I am seeing. Now the mastermind behind this ingenious product is Dr. Christopher Shade, PhD, and before he formulated the new and improved Prime My Body Hemp oil, he formulated a ground-breaking CBD oil for Quicksilver Scientific.

The Difference Cut and Dry

Prime My Body’s new hemp oil is 30% stronger, and about 30% higher cost than Quicksilver’s.

The original product PMB supplied was nearly identical to the product Quicksilver carries, the only difference was the carrier oil used. Quicksilver uses soybean oil, and PMB uses sunflower oil. So if you were a consumer of PMB’s original formula, then Quicksilver is nearly the same thing, and you may want to save a few dollars by switching over . If you are looking for the best available product, then you want to be taking Prime My Body. I decided to carry both brands, because I know many consumers appreciate options which are both effective AND finance-friendly.

Here is a video of Dr. Shade sharing all the excited developments in CBD supplementation. Enjoy!

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