NatGeo, The Role of Ancient Remedies in Modern Medicine

Have you seen this article in National Geographic? I am very pleased with this thorough exploration of traditional Chinese medicine and how it can be (and has been) a major influence in modern medicine. Times are changing, and acceptance of traditional medical practices are growing, yielding a cosmic shift from taboo to mainstream, and scienceContinue reading “NatGeo, The Role of Ancient Remedies in Modern Medicine”

Antibiotics: Risks and Alternatives*

Overuse & Abuse Antibiotics are one of the cornerstones of modern medicine. But this once lifesaving medication has been overused, with catastrophic results—including antibiotic-resistant bacteria, disrupted gut microbiomes, and associated chronic health problems. Damaging the Gut Microbiome While fighting a bacterial infection, antibiotics also kill off many of the beneficial microbes living in harmony inContinue reading “Antibiotics: Risks and Alternatives*”

Featured Product: Quicksilver CBD Oil

Good News! I have added an additional CBD oil to the apothecary. Many of you know that I carry Prime My Body’s Hemp oil and love the results I am seeing. Now the mastermind behind this ingenious product is Dr. Christopher Shade, PhD, and before he formulated the new and improved Prime My Body Hemp oil,Continue reading “Featured Product: Quicksilver CBD Oil”

Summer Specials: Fire Element Acupuncture + Qi Gong

Summer Solstice is approaching! We are enjoying the longest days of the year, and here in Santa Cruz, the warmest days are yet to come. Summer is the fire season. Plants, animals and weather are in full-on yang. This means rapid growth, expression and activity. Our internal qi dynamic will mimic that of our externalContinue reading “Summer Specials: Fire Element Acupuncture + Qi Gong”

The year ahead: Fire Rooster

Japanese Art. Fine Art Reproduction. Rooster, Sunflowers and Morning Glories, c. 1759 by Ito Jakuchu. Via Etsy   Chinese New Year is coming up January 28th, and after such a dramatic, impulsive, shocking, never-ending hangover of a year that was the Fire Monkey, I think everyone on the planet can agree we are ready forContinue reading “The year ahead: Fire Rooster”

Morning Qi Gong

Are you ready to start your Qi Gong practice? Since I started teaching parents and teachers qi gong, I wanted to share with you a wonderful introductory video. Set aside 20 minutes to join Lee Holden in this practice, and witness for yourself the gifts of Qi Gong: energy enhancement, emotional stability and much more. BeginContinue reading “Morning Qi Gong”