“The treatment of the internal cause of a disease should not be neglected when treating external symptoms.”  -Bob Flaws


Visiting the dermatologist can be a disheartening experience. Most cases are left open and unresolved after a modicum of temporary relief.  Since infancy, I suffered with atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema. The itching was maddening and my skin responded to every possible allergen. I visited the dermatologist a dozen times, leaving each appointment with a new sample and prescription of steroid cream, each providing the same effect: temporary relief of symptoms and no resolution for my condition. Patients in the West with any chronic skin condition know the plight. A small glimmer of hope, shrivels to ashes when treatment shows no results.

After Chinese herbs treated my eczema, quite elegantly and with little effort, I was blown away by the results, and decided then and there that dermatology would be my focus. My research and training in this specialty are with Bob Flaws and Mazin Al-Kafaji, two of TCM’s leading dermatological experts.

The Chinese medical approach to treating skin disease is rooted in diagnosing an internal pathology, which has manifested on the flesh. In allopathic medicine, eczema is a disease, whereas in TCM eczema is a symptom. In the TCM approach to dermatology, it is essential to differentiate which underlying pathology is causing skin eruptions, and treat the root disease, not the symptom.  Metaphorically, which method would you prefer when weeding your garden: pulling weeds from the roots, or cutting the aerial parts above ground?

As a patient of TCM dermatology, you can expect to engage in a full medical history and exam so we can learn your underlying pathology. Next, expect to drink your custom herbal formula for about 5 months. Frequently, a topical herbal wash, cream, ointment or tincture is prescribed, in addition to their internal herbal formula. Upon completion of your course of treatment,

expect your skin to have been restored to normal function and integrity.


*We do not diagnose or treat skin cancer.  If we suspect a skin lesion may be cancerous (or require treatment by steroids or antibiotics), we will refer you to a local western dermatologist for additional care


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