Lee has worked some serious magic via acupuncture and cupping! I’ve noticed a lot of progress in various problem-areas since I started seeing her. So often, I get up from the table and think, “Wow, that’s significantly better.”

She has worked on multiple issues for me including a soft-tissue growth in my hand, neck pain, hip pain/tightness, winging scapula, posture, shoulder pain, an ankle injury, TMJ, and general well-being. In all of these areas, the issue has either subsided, or improved significantly.

She is a very intuitive person when it comes to healing, and she has always been happy to share information and answer any questions that I pose. I love the trigger point therapy (intense and amazing all at the same time), and every other method of healing she uses!

 -Karen E
I recently got my first treatment from Lee and really enjoyed it! It was mainly for my sprained ankles but also to get some lymphatic circulation going. She’s sweet, intuitive, and very professional and was kind enough to vary her hours so she could treat me. I felt well taken care of the whole time and felt incredible afterwards. Highly recommend!
-Chelsea A

Lee is an incredible acupuncturist/herbalist with a ton of knowledge and intuition. Her results are amazing whether the treatment is for back pain, regulating a menstrual cycle, nervous system or general well being. She’s a true healer and asks the right questions. I’ve never been disappointed by a treatment. She’s very thorough in her work and cares deeply for her patients.

 -Jessie M
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