Herbal Medicine

TCM combines a detailed analysis of signs and symptoms with a unique system of pulse and tongue diagnosis to develop a detailed picture of the course and process of disease. After diagnosis each person will be prescribed an individual herbal tea formula, tailor made to their specific requirements, to be taken daily as part of their food intake. This allows for a subtle but powerfully effective form of treatment with minimal side-effects. Considerable research into many aspects of TCM has been conducted in China and the West proving beyond doubt its efficacy and merit. People of any age and constitution can benefit from Chinese herbal medicine.

– Mazin Al-Kafiji, renown TCM dermatologist

A custom herbal formula before decoction prescribed for eczema

Most patients seeking TCM are drawn by acupuncture, however traditional Chinese herbal medicine can be paramount in seeing long-term reversal of disease for many conditions. Dermatology and gastroenterology are two areas of disease that can rely primarily on herbal medicine when seeking TCM treatment.

Lee Lewis received extensive clinical training in the therapeutic application phyto-medicine. All botanical product dispensed from the Jade Path pharmacy are sourced from strictly regulated, reputable sources. All product undergoes rigorous testing for contaminants and heavy metals. Controversial animal products such as rhino horn, tiger bone, and bear bile are completely banned from this clinic.

After examination and intake, a custom herbal formula will be crafted from either granules (powdered herbs), or fully-decocted (ready to drink). Granule formulas are ready to be dispensed the same day. Decocted formulas are ready within 2-3 business days.